Spiritual Sensitive

I’ve always been the skeptical one, wondering jf there is life after death.
 I feel like I have sensed things before in my family home but never really spoke about it… So, the opportunity arrived to join Matthew and his team last year and since then, I have had some weird experiences. I found that when I am in the middle of a human pendulum, things start to get weird. I feel like spirits begin talking through me and yet I have no record of it. Spooky right? But never at home, thankfully.
I am currently studying a course regarding Ghost Hunting and in my own time, I will get this finished, I’m sure I will! I am a slow reader. More of a hands on type of learner.
When I am not out in search to believe there is life after death, I spend time at home with my boyfriend and look after my adorable pet guinea pigs.