Haunted Live! Events

Due to Covid19 We Are Not Able To Organise These Events. These Events Will Be Live As Soon As We Can Arrange With Owners & Managers and Once They Have Returned To Work.

Welcome to Our Brand New Exciting and Fun Event. Designed around firends, colleagues and get-to-gethers, this event puts you on the edge… As you are guided around the location, being told of the stories, the tales, the history and the hauntings your guide(s) will then let you choose your own equipment, and investigate within your own group, without the help of our paranormal crew!
Our crew will be in the command centre, waiting for your call on the radio, as long as you remember to choose one! 
Whilst you are investigating, you will go in search of the dead, and if needed our crew members will help with certain things such as lone vigils, seances or even board work…But apart from that, you will be on your own…
Dare you enter into some of the UK’s most haunted locations.. to go in search of the dead…

From £595.00