Skeptical Paranormal Investigator

I’m Rachel…mum to two teenagers and live with them, as well as my partner, the dog – Bailey and the cat – Luna.
I have always had an interest in the paranormal and supernatural. I love watching paranormal TV shows. My favourite is Paranormal Lockdown! In the past I’ve been to tarot readers and psychic evenings. They were fascinating but I was still on the fence…wanting more evidence.
On the day my nan sadly passed away a few years ago I witnessed her mentioning the names of dead relatives as though she was seeing them just hours before she died. It made me even more curious about life after death. Mine and Mathew’s paths crossed about 7 years ago while I attended some of his ghost tours in the early days and the rest as they say is history!
I would describe myself as extremely curious and looking for proof of the paranormal.