Ultimate Ghost Events

Due to Covid19 We Are Not Able To Organise These Events. These Events Will Be Live As Soon As We Can Arrange With Owners & Managers and Once They Have Returned To Work.

Our Ghost Events Take You Into a Whole New World! A World of Paranormal and Mediumship.
On our events you will get involved with the team, complete experiments, take part in vigils, take part in EMF sessions or go it alone with a camera and a radio. There is something for everyone and many things happening at the same time which means that you get to do everytning that you really wanted to.
We supply all the equipment including EMFs EVPs Ghost Boxes SLS (Stickman Systems) Lasers Detection, Crystals, Dowsing Rods, Boards, Pendulums and Much More including Night Vision Camera’s

Some of Our Locations Range From Prisons, Churches, Mansions, Old Office Blocks, Warehouses, Industrial Buildings, Ancient Halls and Many Many More. Each Location Holding Onto Something Different, Something Paranormal.
Our Crew Will Be Briefed On Each Location and Will Be Taking You By the Hand and Leading You Into The Depths of The Paranormal.